A "Hockey Future" conference took place in Saint Petersburg

In Saint Petersburg, a "Hockey Future" conference took place between the 14th and 16th of January, with the delegates studying the "From children's ice hockey to the highest achievements", "Training young players depending on the coaching level" and "The implementation, methodical, biomedical and psychological support of training and competitive activites" topics.

The event took place with the support of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation and was held at the Lesgaft University, the IHC SKA Saint Petersburg Hockey City complex and the Ice Palace. Chief of the of the scientific-methodical department Anatoly Bukatin represented the RIHF and gave a speech covering the following topic: "Experience of implementing national category projects. Problems and how to solve them". Pavel Sherumov, the chief of the department for developing and introducting the Red Machine National Development Program (Structure and instruments of the Red Machine National Development Program) and Dmitry Polyanchikov (Testing as part of controlling player training) also spoke.

Russia U18 head coach Vladimir Filatov, IHC SKA director for training young players Pyotr Vorobyov, director of the Nikolai Puchkov Coaching School Leonid Mikhno, IHC SKA methodical coach Lars Johansson and a number of other Russian and foreign specialists also gave their speeches during the conference on January 14.

On January 15, RIHF and IHC SKA player development coach Daniel Bochner was a speaker, and he also held a practical training session at the Hockey City complex alongside Red Machine Development Centre head coach Sergei Yakimovich and SKA video analytic Nikita Starikov.

The event finished on January 16 with IHC SKA head doctor Yegor Kozlov giving a presentation at the Lesgaft University concerning the medical and psychological aspects of ice hockey. Other Russian and foreign specialists also spoke.

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