Day four of the Russian-Chinese Youth Games


Day four of the under 17 Russian national team's trip in China began with a morning's trip to the Dragon Tower, one of the tallest in China standing at 336 metres. Apart from the television centre, there are places which ordinary visitors can look around. Russia's players took a ride on a lift which reached up to 181 meters, right in the clouds. 

After that, team manager Anastasia Sarapkina, along with a few Russian representatives, paid a visit to a hospital to see Vladimir Moskvichyov, a speed skater who had received a serious injury on the tournament's first day. 

Later in the evening, the third, and final, match of the competition took place against China. Once again, Russia were dominant, thrashing their Chinese opponents 14:0. The stars of the show were Vladislav Kotkov and Yegor Sokolov who both scored hat tricks. 

Goaltender Daniil Isaev and forward Alexander Zhabreev were then named the best players of the Russian-Chinese Youth Games.

Match protocol:

China U17 - Russia U17 - 0:14 (0:5, 0:6, 0:3)


0:1 Sokolov (Gizatullin), 0.39

0:2 Sholgin (Koreshkov), 01.57

0:3 Rtischev (Zharbeev, Kotkov), 05.51

0:4 Kotkov (Zhabreev), 13.50

0:5 Babintsev (Denisenko), 16.21

0:6 Koreshkov (Nesvetaev), 30.22

0:7 Kotkov (Kalinichenko), 33.44

0:8 Zhabreev (Kotkov), 34.30

0:9 Zhabreev (Kotkov), 38.03

0:10 Kotkov (Rtischev), 38.23

0:11 Sokolov, 39.49

0:12 Sholgin (Knyazev), 46.06

0:13 Sokolov (Sholgin, Malyshev), 46.42

0:14 Zinovyev (Nesvetaev), 50.17

Penalty minutes: 8 - 6

10.12.2016. China.

Russian Ice Hockey Federation 

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