The Children's Sledge Hockey League received an award in the "I Live by Sport" awards ceremony

On September 16, the "I Live by Sport" awards ceremony took place.

The Children's Sledge Hockey League received an award in the "Best Sporting Event of the Year" nomination for the staging of the All-Russian Adaptive Ice Hockey Festival.

The All-Russian Adaptive Ice Hockey Festival is the largest event in the field of children's adaptive sports in Russia within the framework of one sporting discipline. Since the maiden edition of the festival was held in 2017, the event has continued to develop and grow, with the following three types of adapative ice hockey having been presented in the 2021 festival: ice hockey for the blind, special ice hockey and sledge hockey. 29 teams and around 1000 participants from Saint Petersburg to Sakhalin were involved thanks to the support of Fonbet and the Timchenko Foundation.

President of the Children's Sledge Hockey League Anastasia Bardacheva:

- The festival is the most anticipated event for hundreds of boys and girls who love ice hockey. For them, this is a platform on which they can show everything that they have learned over the season as a result of daily work, where they meet old friends and find new ones. Every year it draws more and more attention. This has become possible thanks to the well-coordinated work of our team and the support of partners. This award and the high appraisal of the sporting community is a great honour for us!

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