Russian-Canadian conference dedicated to the 1972 Super Series

On the Defender of the Fatherland Day, a joint event was held by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation (RIHF) and the Hockey Time Machine organisation in connection with the 1972 Super Series.

Soviet ice hockey legends spoke to Canadian journalists and historians, answering questions about the 1972 Super Series. RIHF president Vladislav Tretiak, RIHF board member Boris Mikhailov and Super Series top scorer Alexander Yakushev all participated in the conference, which was supported by the Ice Hockey Museum in Moscow.

RIHF president Vladislav Tretiak:

- Next year, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Super Series. The serie was a unique event, on a par with Yury Gagarin's trip to space and other legendary landmarks in Russian history. It is important that our country knows about its heroes. All generations of Russian citizens should remember how the national team for the first time in history travelled overseas to play against professionals, subsequently displaying beautiful ice hockey. The Canadians thought that they would score at least 20 goals per game against us, but we were ready to compete on a level footing having trained three times a day.

RIHF board member Boris Mikhailov:

- Our country and Canada learned a lot about ice hockey during that 1972 series. We began to pay more attention to battles on the ice, faceoffs and the importance of playing at your best from the first to the last whistle. The Canadians adopted our flexibility and ability to put together great passing plays. Instead of just shooting the puck, they started to make more combination plays when in possession. 49 years have passed since the Super Series, but we still remain friends with those who we played against.

1972 Super Series top scorer Alexander Yakushev:

- The games between the USSR and Canada will forever remain in the hearts of ice hockey fans across the world. They brought together not only ice hockey players and fans, but the two countries. People began to treat our country with greater sympathy. I remember that the USSR Ambassador said to us that the series allowed him to achieve more diplomacy than in the previous year.

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