The RIHF has prepared hygiene recommendations concerning the fight against the coronavirus pandemic

The Russian Ice Hockey Federation has prepared hygiene recommendations concerning the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

You can protect your health and the health of others by observing the following rules:

In connection with the threat of the spread of the new coronavirus, take precautions when travelling:

• Check the epidemiological situation when planning your trip.
• Wear masks for respiratory protection.
• Drink only bottled water, eat only cooked food.
• Wash your hands before eating and after visiting crowded places.

Do not visit:

• Markets where seafood or animals are sold.
• Cultural events with the participation of animals.

If you feel unwell, seek immediate medical attention. When contacting a medical institution on the territory of the Russian Federation, inform the doctor about the duration and place of stay in the People's Republic of China.

Using a disposable mask reduces the likelihood of contracting influenza, coronavirus and other acute respiratory viral infections. Rules for the use of medical masks:

• The medical mask can only be used once.
• The mask should fit snugly over the face and cover the mouth, nose and chin.
• If there is a sewn-in attachment in the area of ​​the nose, it must be firmly pressed against the bridge of the nose.
• If there are special folds on the mask, straighten them.
• Change the mask to a new one every 2-3 hours or more often.
• Throw away the mask in a rubbish bin immediately after use.
• After touching a used mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or an antiseptic.
• Remove the mask by the elastic bands (ties), without touching the filter surface.
• The use of a mask will be most effective in preventing infection and spread of infection only when combined with careful hand hygiene and quarantine measures.

Algorithm for hygienic treatment of hands with a skin antiseptic:

1. Apply antiseptic to the palm.
2. Rub one palm against the other.
3. Using the right palm, rub the antiseptic on the back of the left hand, intertwining the fingers, and vice versa.
4. Interlace your fingers, rubbing palm on palm.
5. Connect the fingers in a "lock", rub the back of the bent fingers on the palm of the other hand.
6. Grasp the thumb of the left hand with the right palm and rub it in a circular motion, change hands and perform the procedure for the other hand.
7. In a circular motion in the forward and backward direction with the closed fingers of the right hand, rub the left palm, change hands and perform the procedure for the other hand.
8. Wait for the antiseptic to dry.

Compliance with the following hygienic rules will significantly reduce the risk of infection or further spread of influenza, coronavirus and other illnesses.

1. Use a disposable tissue paper when sneezing, coughing or having a runny nose.
2. Wash your hands often.
3. Do not touch your face with unwashed hands.

Hygiene for influenza:

1. Stay at home during times of mass illness.
2. Limit contact with sick people.
3. Clean the house daily.

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