Nine teams will participate at the Sirius Cup

On November 19, the Sirius Cup will begin in Sochi, a friendly competition which will be staged at the Shayba Arena.

Players born in 2006 representing nine teams from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the Central, Ural, Siberia, Provolzhe, North West, Far East and South federal regions will participate at the tournament.

The Sirius Cup is a key event of the November Ice Hockey Program. Experts of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation will watch the players competing at the cup, subsequently picking out the best who will then be in contention to be selected for the under 16 Russian national team. The training of young, talented ice hockey players is a part of the annual process of selecting candidates for the under 16 national team at the Sirius Educational Centre.

The participating teams will be split up into two groups. Between November 28 and December 2, all teams will compete in 10 matches.

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