The RIHF and the Volga Academy are holding courses for the education of coaches

The Russian Ice Hockey Federation (RIHF) and the Volga Academy held courses concerning the education of coaches within the framework of the "Sport is a Normal Way of Life" project.

The courses were staged at the Volga Academy with the aim of helping ice hockey coaches become more knowledgable and educated. The head of the RIHF department for the attestation of coaches, Anatoly Bukatin, conducted the sessions alongside the head of the development department of the Red Machine National Development Program, Evgeny Sukhachev.

"The Volga Academy has created wonderful facilities for students to study and play sport," expressed Bukatin. "Their student team also looks great, we have been impressed by what we have seen. The education of coaches is vital for us. Coaches themselves want to work together in order to improve."

"We tried to use all of the available resources for conducting these educational sessions," added Elmira Rumyantseva, the head of the centre for added education of the Volga Academy. "I hope that this experience is just the starting point for our cooperation with the RIHF."

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