Vladislav Tretiak: "Silver and bronze is a product of our systematic work"

The Christmas holidays are over, and it's great that we have a reason to speak about two successful championships.

I remember when I competed at the World Junior Championship when I was 18-19 years of age. This year, we got to see a truly classic final between Russia and Canada, and it was a terrible shame that it was a loss having been so close to victory. Nevertheless, at the same time, it's great that we saw modern ice hockey from this team, which made people fall in love with the sport.

At the same time, I would like to point out things which aren't usually shown. When I entered the dressing room after the game ended, everyone was very disappointed. No one was satisfied. This does seem harsh, but I was happy to see that. Such defeats hurt. Only those who are willing to grow can become great professionals. The guys have not only their entire careers ahead of them, but also their lives. I believe that they will draw the correct conclusions, and I thank them for this competition.

Our junior women's national team deserve a special mention too. In Slovakia, the players claimed bronze at the World Junior Championship for the third time in history, and we are starting to boss games with our own style of playing. This bronze is a great present for the 25th anniversary of women's ice hockey in Russia.

Silver and bronze at the major tournaments in question is a product of our systematic work!

Now, we must prepare to support the under 16 national team, which will compete at the 2020 Youth Olympic Games in Switzerland. This is the first big competition for these players, and I believe that this will be the first step for many on their way to playing at the senior Olympic Games in the future!

Let's enjoy more wonderful ice hockey which makes us want to put our own skates on!

President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation

Vladislav Tretiak

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