CIBC Canada Russia Series. Russia U20 - Team WHL - 4:3 SO

The under 20 Russian national team defeated Team WHL 4:3 in a penalty shootout on Thursday, but in the ensuing penalty shootout to decide the winner of the 2019 CIBC Canada Russia Series, the host nation triumphed.

Lev Komissarov, Ilya Kruglov and Zakhar Shablovsky scored in regulation time, before the first shootout went Russia's way with Maxim Sorkin scoring.

However, in the second, the WHL emerged victorious to win the entire series.

Match protocol:

Russia U20 - Team WHL - 4:3 SO (1:0, 1:3, 1:0 - 0:0, 1:0)\


1:0 Komissarov (Gordeev, Groshev), 15.40
2:0 Kruglov (Mikhaylov, Pylenkov), 23.23
2:1 Foote (Smith, Eddison), 33.57
2:2 Foote (Cousins, Smith), 36.25
2:3 Chyzowsky, 37.53
3:3 Shablovsky (Morozov, Amirov), 53.36
4:3 Sorkin, 65.00 SO

Shots on target: 32 - 30
Penalty minutes: 16 - 12


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