Valery Bragin and Amir Miftakhov speak after the fourth game of the Super Series

Following the fourth match of the 2019 CIBC Canada Russia Series, both Valery Bragin and Amir Miftakhov shared their emotions.

Russia U20 head coach Valery Bragin:

- Having not played for a few days, we struggled to get going during the opening stages. However, I liked how we played in the second and third periods, even though we do need to improve our play on the powerplay. This is a positive result for us, so I'm satisfied. The goalkeeping coach Vladimir Kulikov will decide who is the goaltender for the next two games. Tomorrow, we will spend the majority of the day on the road. We will only have a light, recovery training session.

Russia U20 goalkeeper Amir Miftakhov:

- You always need to keep playing until the end, the guys did a great job. We showed our character after falling behind and managed to win this match. The penalty shootout? I believed that we would win. I think that this victory will give us extra energy moving forward.

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