Testing for the 2020 Youth Olympic Games

In Novogorsk, tests took place ahead of the upcoming 2020 Youth Olympic Games. Players born in 2004 representing both the male and female national teams participated in the training sessions.

These training tests allow players to qualify for participation in the 3-on-3 competition at the Youth Olympic Games in 2020. Each National Olympic Committee of IIHF-registered nations organises a range of skills tests for players, with the best player fr om each committee receiving the opportunity to participate at the competition next year. The country lim it is three players in the male category and four for the female category. Goalkeepers and all remaining players will be selected in accordance with the IIHF Junior Rating.

The 3-on-3 format assists in helping players develop their technical and tactical skills. 208 athletes (104 boys, 104 girls) will take part in the two competitions.

In addition to the 3-on-3 format, the traditional ice hockey tournament among six nations will also be played at the 2020 Youth Olympic Games. Players born in 2004 and 2005 will participate. The Youth Olympic Games will be played in Lausanne, Switzerland in January 2020.

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