Vladislav Tretiak: "The national teams performed excellently at the Winter Universiade"

Dear friends!

The Universiade is a hugely important competition for any athlete who also studies. This year, Krasnoyarsk hosted this major international tournament. New roads, hotels and arenas were constructed in Krasnoyarsk for the event.

Our ice hockey national teams performed excellently. At one tournament, both the men's and women's national teams made the fans happy with their triumphs and gold medals. The Russian Ice Hockey Federation treated the preparation phase for the Winter Universiade very seriously. A lot was done in order for the Russian ice hockey players to compete for gold in Krasnoyarsk. This medal is another to add to our collection.

I would like to point out the support of our fans. Both our players and coaches noted the support at the home Winter Universiade. The Student Hockey League also played a large role in preparing for the competition.

It was a tough fight in the decisive matches. The fact that our players had to give so much effort to win displays how high the level of ice hockey was.

Vladislav Tretiak,
President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation

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