The RIHF and Liga Stavok revealed the Ice Hockey Heroes Awards

In Novogorsk, the winners of the Ice Hockey Heroes awards were announced by the Russian Ice Hockey Federation and Liga Stavok. They were based upon the results of the 2017/2018 season:

- Most Valuable Player - Pavel Datsyuk. Fans picked the winner of this award by a voting scheme on the Vkontakte social networking site.

- Gentleman of the Year - Alexander Barabanov. The player which has demonstrated the most amount of fair character on the ice and was picked by members of the Russian Ice Hockey Hall of Fame.

- Best New Player - Ilya Mikheev. The player which joined the national team in the new season and gave the best performances. Picked by media representatives.

- Top Points Scorer - Nikita Gusev. The player which registered the most amount of points for the senior Russian national team.

- Top Goal Scorer - Kirill Kaprizov. The player which scored the most amount of goals for the senior Russian national team.

- Unnoticed hero - Konstantin Rogatin. The person which put in the most effort behind the scenes.

- Team leader - Roman Rotenberg. The person which is an example for all partners both on and off the ice and had the most amount of input in the team's success. Was picked by all national team staff members.

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