Oleg Bratash: "The young players are receiving an important experience"

Russian Olympic team head coach Oleg Bratash:

- We're satisfied with the victory, because that's the reason we play on the ice. All over aspects will be analysed within the team. At every tournament, we always have new players competing, that's the way it should be. As a result, all lines are often changed. Last year, Alexander Barabanov played at the World Championship after playing with the Olympic (B) team? Roman Lyubimov and Igor Shestyorkin did the same in the past, the players can impress here and earn a place on the senior national team roster. This year, Austria are participating, while Slovenia where here in 2017. The stronger the opponents, the more interesting the tournament becomes. The young players are receiving an important experience here. Three matches in as many days? All teams are in the same boat, it's physically difficult for the players. When you're tired, the player's individual quality is crucial. It's a useful situation for us to see what the players are made of.

Russian Ice Hockey Federation

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