Russia U18 goalkeeper Amir Miftakhov: "I always want to play for the national team"


Russia U18 goalkeeper Amir Miftakhov:

- My father was an ice hockey goalkeeper, and he always took me to his training sessions. I enjoyed being a goaltender too. However, before that, I had been an outfield player for two years. I put on my first pair of skates when three years old.

- Since playing for the national team, have you noticed how you have developed?

- Yes, of course. I have started treating training a lot more seriously. I analyse my mistakes in much more detail. 

- Does your father praise you a lot?

- He praises me sometimes, but he mostly tries to keep me motivated. Nevertheless, I mainly look over my games with my coach.

- What special qualities should goalkeepers have?

- The main thing is to be calm. Apart from that, there's nothing special. We're all people.

- You always have to be concentrated.

- When it's game day, you think differently. 

- Do you find it difficult to get over defeats?

- I always think that it's my fault that we lost. It's tough immediately after the game has finished. However, you have to quickly move on and analyse the mistakes which you have made. You need to be ready for the next match.

- When I have free time in the summer, I like to go fishing, sail on boats and be with my parents.

- What's the biggest fish which you have caught?

- A pike, probably.

- Your goals for the future?

- I always want to be a part of the Russian national team set-up. My career goal is to win an Olympic gold medal. Overall, I want to achieve great things.

- Are you satisfied with how your career is working out?

- You can never be completely satisfied. We all have to keep progressing and striving for more.

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