Russia U18 defenseman Anton Malyshev: "I will do anything to achieve my goals"


Russia U18 defenseman Anton Malyshev:

- I put on my skates for the first time when I was four years old. However, I only started playing ice hockey at the age of five. A coach came to our nursery, where some of us where chosen to play the sport. At that moment in time, I was a gymnast. After two years, I started to take ice hockey more seriously. 

- I am a kind, sociable person. I like to be around those who will help me when I need assistance. Nevertheless, I am more aggressive on the ice. I want to achieve my goals which I have set myself, and I will do everything in order to do that.

- I don't mind fighting in ice hockey, I can take part if required. In a match against Spartak Moscow, a fight erupted after the opponents weren't happy about a late goal which we scored. Both teams were given a lot of penalties. 

- I find it difficult getting over defeats, especially when the match was important. Still, I try to recover quickly and focus on the next match. This season, I want to become a regular in my MHL team. I want to play in the KHL as soon as possible. In the future, I would like to play abroad, but in my opinion you need to win something in your home country before leaving. 

- My first award was a Moscow Championship silver medal with Lokomotiv. My team proved that we can play good ice hockey. Right now, it is on view at home. I dream of winning an Olympic gold medal!

Russian Ice Hockey Federation 

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