World Challenge Cup. Czech Republic U17 - Russia U17 - 1:3


The under 17 Russian national team met the Czech Republic in the quarter-final of the World Challenge Cup in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada.

As expected, it proved to be tough test against the Czechs, but Russia still managed to prevail. Alexander Khovanov and Andrei Svechnikov gave our team a two goal lead, and despite the Czech Republic getting one back, Andrei Svechnikov iced it late on to seal a 3:1 victory! 

Igor Efimov, Russia U17 interim head coach:

- I'm really happy that we won, we played an excellent match. However, our physical conditioning could be better. Vladislav Kotkov, Alexander Khovanov and Andrei Svechnikov were in the first line, and it was something new for them. In the end, Grigory Denisenko replaced Vladislav. Before the game, Grigory wasn't supposed to play, but he came up to me and asked himself to play. I am thankful to him for showing his character. Slowly, our doctors are healing our players who fell ill, they are feeling better. It's good that the semi-final won't start until 19.30, we need time to recover and prepare.

Andrei Svechnikov, Russia U17 forward:

- You feel great after playing a great match for Russia. The Czechs are a really difficult opponent. I think that the key moments were our first two goals, but in the second, we got a bit tired towards the end of it and our coach called a timeout. Overall, my health is better now. Before today, my temperature was 39, it was tough to recover. The semi-final won't be easy either.

Match protocol:

Czech Republic U17 - Russia U17 - 1:3 (0:0, 0:1, 1:2)


0:1 Khovanov (Denisenko, Svechnikov), 20.37

0:2 Svechnikov (Galenyuk), 42.23

1:2 Plasek, 53.52

1:3 Svechnikov, 59.17

Shots on target: 35 - 31 

Penalty minutes: 8 - 10 

03.11.2016. Canada.

Russian Ice Hockey Federation 

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