The Russian Ice Hockey Federation announced the management group that will lead Russia’s National Men’s Team at the 2018 World Championship, which will be played May 4-20, in Denmark. The management group will oversee and lead operations for Team Russia, including staff selection and player evaluation and selection. The Russian national team's management group includes the coaches and the medical and analytical departments. With the goal of preparing successfully for international tournaments, information is constantly being exchanged in cooperation between the different departments. The information includes medical-biological data, analytical and video information, data about players' physical state and scout reports.

Head of management group , 1st VP, team Leader
Head coach
Andrei Kozyrev
Goalkeeping coach
Alexander Troshin
Physical training coach
Physical training coach
Sporting director
Coach for player development, skating and skills
Consultant to the coaching staff
Consultant to the coaching staff

Medical department

The medical department regularly conducts complex tests on national team candidates, the results of which are analysed and given to the coaching staff.

Head doctor
Dmitry Bogdashevskiy

Analytical and selection department

The analytical department constantly monitors national team candidates, makes video analysis of the Russian national team's matches, studies the training process, watches KHL and NHL teams, puts together large statistical analysis and creates original analysis technology for matches.

Daniil Kupriyanov
Coordinator of the analytical department
Vassili Kazanov
Analytical expert
Pavel Shagal
Analytical expert

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